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2nd Swiss Regiment -1806

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 2do Lecomte Hipolyte


2nd Swiss regiment fusilier by H. Lecomte  


The coat was red with dark blue facings piped red.


Distinctivly for this regiment, and following the drawinf by Hippolyte Lecomte, turnacks were also dark blue.


There are no evidences of red collars as it occurs with the 1st and 3rd regiments.


Pockets were vertical, piped in white and closed by three large buttons.


Note the design of the shoulder strap in Lecomte’s plate included in the article, with two buttons.


The yellow metal buttons had the regimental number on them.




Source: Dempsey, Guy C.: Napoleon's Mercenaries: Foreign Units in the French Army Under the Consulate and Empire, 1799-1814 – Greenhill Books. London, 2002