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France - Aides-de-Camp depicted by Lévèque

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 AIDES DE CAMP depicted by Lévèque


Aides de Camp were young officers commissioned to assist senior officers. As regulated on 1st Vendemiaire An XII (September 24, 1803), aides de camp were distinguished by an armband which colour identified the rank of the general to which they were attached. These armbands, called "bracelet" were used on the left arm while in service and were made ol wool with embroided leaves and golden fringes, depending on the rank.


The article 7 of the regulation assigned three different colours for the bracelets

White bracelets were worn by aides de camp assigned to Generals in chief.

Scarlet red bracelets were worn by aides de camp assigned to Divisional Generals.

Blue bracelets were worn by aides de camp assigned to Brigadier Generals.


A design for the bracelet was included in the regulation, but there are evidence that non regulation bracelets were commonly used. Although the design included into the regulation shows the oak leaves design runing in tro rows thorughout the bracelet, it seems that thee embroidery was discontinued as it is suggested in the detailed depictions done by Surgeon-Major Lévèque. Lucien Russelot also beleived that the oak leaves were worn for a short period of time.


napoleonic videos

Design for the Aide de Camp bracelet incuded in the regulation.



napoleonic videos

The image of the painting above shows a Captain

commissioned as Aide de Camp to a Brigadier General.

Note the particular design of his bracelet.



Surgeon-Major Lévèque had created three plates with a total of twelve figures of the Aides de Camp de la Garde Imperial. In this first set we present the first five of them.




You can watch the actual figures in this video.



You can watch the painting guides for of each of the five figures in the following videos..