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Royalist - Expeditionary - Burgos Infantry Regiment 1st Battalion

R Exp Burgos Chile

(Officer 1st Batallion during the Campaing in Chile)

This regiment was raised in Spain in 1794. After the Peninsula War it was commisioned to America.


In May 1815 it was divided into two Battalions. In 1817 General José de Canterac was appointed Commander and was assigned to the Army of the Vicerroyalty of Peru. On April 1st 1817 the second battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Agustín O'Termín, set sail from Cadiz to Perú through Costa Firme (Venezuela) while the fist batallion did it on May 2nd sailing through Cape Horn. The second battalion never reached Perú as General Morillo keep it at Costa Firme to reinforce his aramy.


The first batallion served in Chile and Perú.


During the campaign in Chile the 1st Battallion it dressed blue coats with crimson lapels, buff collar and cuffs, white waistcoat and pants. (source "Los Realistas" J. Luqui Lagleyze - Ed. Quirón Madrid 1998).